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Wild Coasts

Aotearoa is renowned for its wild coasts, but after decades of overfishing, many of these marine ecosystems are under serious threat. A crucial response to this has been the creation of 44 marine reserves around our shores, and this book explores six of the most spectacular of these.

Incredible Journeys

Incredible Journeys: New Zealand wildlife on the move includes animals such as godwits, albatross, crayfish, turtles, longfin eels, white sharks and humpback whales. With a map tracing each journey, this is an awe-inspiring book for any child interested in New Zealand wildlife.

Backyard Birds

New Zealand’s Backyard Birds is a children’s guide to the birds that live in their backyard, both native birds, such as tūi, and pīwakawaka/fantail, and introduced birds such as thrush, blackbird and sparrow.

where Is It? A Wildlife Hunt For Kiwi Kids

A unique ‘look and find’ book for all children who want to learn about New Zealand’s wildlife, with double-spreads of different habitats, including forest, the mountains, the beach, the ocean, estuaries and wildlife sanctuaries.

What Happened To The Moa

This children’s book unravels the fascinating story of what happened to the moa, our most legendary extinct bird.


Was Tyrannosaurus Rex really as fearsome as most books describe him? ‘Children’ of all ages will find out as they enjoy the beautiful illustrations in this quirky story. Then T-Rex will introduce the reader to some other amazing creatures living nearby in his time.

Big Woolly Mammoth

Let Big Woolly Mammoth take you back to the time of the Ice Age and early humans. Children, as young as pre-schoolers, will enjoy the beautifully illustrated, quirky yet factual story about her life and times. The detailed facts section following the story will add interest, and some surprises for all readers.

Tohora the southern right whale

A moving story of the near extinction and then revival of one of New Zealand’s magnificent marine mammals, the southern right whale. Once, the mighty tohora, or southern right whale, was a common sight in winter off the coast of Aotearoa. But it proved to be an easy target for the 19th-century whalers, and was soon driven to the edge of extinction. In the 20th century, however, it became a protected species, and once commercial whaling was virtually stopped, the souther right whale made a com

Rock Pools: A Guide for Kiwi Kids

What New Zealand child is not delighted by a rockpool at low tide, with its colourful, fascinating array of creatures, some still, some flitting about? Rock Pools is a book designed to enhance this experience, with each page presenting an intriguing glimpse into the creatures that inhabit these low-tide wonderlands.

Animals of Aotearoa

Animals of Aotearoa is a must-have compendium for children curious about New Zealand’s wild animals. Based on the award-winning and best-selling ‘Explore and Discover’ children’s series about New Zealand’s natural history, this book is packed full of illustrations and information about our native animals, both common and rare, as well as many well-known introduced animals.

Backyard Beasts

Out in the backyard, creeping along branches, hiding under stones and leaves, crawling in the earth or flitting from flower to flower, a whole universe of creatures is waiting to be discovered.

Up the River

The sixth title in the award-winning ‘explore & discover’ series, Up the River: Explore & discover New Zealand’s rivers, lakes and wetlands gives children an opportunity to look under the surface and see what special creatures live, around New Zealand’s freshwater habitats – our creeks, rivers, lakes and wetlands.

Watch out for the Weka

While Alf, the DOC hut warden, is taking a swim, a curious weka steals his precious watch. He must get it back. That evening, Alf thinks up a cunning plan and eventually recovers his watch while also discovering the weka’s treasure pile.

Moa to Dinosaur
In the Bush.
Under the Ocean Cover
In The Garden Cover
At The Beach Cover
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